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we treat the whole person

Imagine feeling anxious all the time and desperately seeking relief. In a quick doctor visit, you may be asked about your symptoms and be prescribed a one-size-fits all medication.

Now imagine after testing, you discover that you have an underlying neurodevelopmental disorder and it’s being made worse by a nutritional deficiency. Together, this makes school and work challenging which then creates anxiety. While medication can be part of the solution, the root cause of your anxiety also needs to be addressed.

The root cause will only be discovered if the whole person is evaluated, treated and supported.

That, is exactly what Stepping Stone Clinic does.

We evaluate the whole person & use a team of service providers, each with a unique field of study, working together to help you feel better. After all, mind or body, health is health!

integrating mental health in three steps


This is our opportunity to discover what’s really going on. The process is customized for each patient and leaves no stone unturned.

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We use a whole-person approach combining different kinds of treatments. This can include therapy, nutrition, and team-based care.

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A Behavioral Health Coordinator walks each patient through every step – including real-life skills, wellness classes, and specialty support.

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About The Clinic

Stepping Stone Clinic uniquely offers a step-by-step approach to mental health integrating different treatments all under one roof.

Come talk with our psychologists, nutritionists, executive function coaches, and wellness specialists about our whole-person approach.


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