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1. evaluation

At Stepping Stone Clinic, every patient starts with a whole-person evaluation – an assessment of a person’s strengths that can be built upon and possible underlying factors that might be contributing to challenges.

We use a “precision medicine” approach that takes into account individual variability in brain development, genetics, nutritional sensitivities, environment, and lifestyle. This allows our providers to more accurately choose which strategies will work specifically for you.

We also offer (re)testing across the lifespan. An evaluation and treatment plan should grow and change with the person. At Stepping Stone Clinic, we want to make sure we are treating the person you are today and not the person you were months or years ago.


  • 30 minutes Needs Assessment
  • Phone call with a Stepping Stone Clinic specialist to discuss your needs and Next Steps.


  • 1 to 8 hours of testing using non-invasive tools, instruments, and labs.
  • Different types of testing can include Psychological, Neurodevelopmental, Cognitive, School Readiness, Executive Functioning, Memory Health, Preoperative Clearance, and Nutrition Labs.
    (Don’t worry – your Stepping Stone Clinic provider will help determine which type of testing is needed).


  • 60 to 90 minutes One-on-One Assessment
  • Personal visit with your Stepping Stone Clinic provider to review history and current symptoms.
  • Create personalized testing plan and submit pre-authorization to insurance if needed.


  • 60 to 90 minutes Feedback Session
  • In-depth review of testing results, recommendations, and step-by-step plan
  • Collaboration with other providers regarding results and recommendations
  • Check-in with Behavioral Health Coordinator (BHC) to review recommendations and coordinate referrals

2. treatment

Research shows that patients do better when different services are integrated together to treat the multifaceted areas of health and illness. This is why Stepping Stone Clinic is committed to being a one-door solution to treating the whole person by offering a multidisciplinary approach. Afterall, mind or body, health is health!


  • Individual & Family
  • Play Therapy
  • Parenting Coaching
  • Cognitive Brain Training
  • Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

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  • ESSENTIALS Lab Panels
  • Supplement with Nutraceuticals
  • Integrative Nutrition Counseling
  • Practical Meal Planning
  • FIRST STEP Nutrition Package

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  • Food + Mood + Wellness Treatment
  • Collaboration with Providers
  • First Diagnosis Coping Clinic
  • Memory Health “Welderly” Care

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3. support

We’re here for you. Stepping Stone Clinic offers a unique experience with our whole-health support services. At the very start, a Behavioral Health Coordinator will help connect you with resources, step you through recommendations, check in from time-to-time, and coordinate care with your providers. Stepping Stone Clinic also offers extraordinary care through CLASSES and WORKSHOPS by supporting patients and families that are stepping in or stepping out of their full treatment plan.

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  • Coaches trained in Executive Function strategies
  • HOMEWORK HELP for students 1st to 10th grade
  • Social Skills Camp & Classes
  • “Friday Night Out” activities

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  • Creating Health for obesity & bariatric support
  • Creating Movement for kids
  • Creating Calm for teens & parents

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  • Coping Clinic Workshops
  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Food + Mood Workshops
  • Book Club

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Stepping Stone Clinic uniquely offers a step-by-step approach to mental health integrating different treatments all under one roof.

Come talk with our psychologists, nutritionists, executive function coaches, and wellness specialists about our whole-person approach.


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